Bfut Institute of Soccer was founded in North America to teach players and educators (coaches) the simple, exciting, and winning Brazilian soccer philosophy, adapted to each individual’s cultural, social and particular needs. The objective is to build a soccer philosophy by focusing not only on player’s ability but also on individual personal development.

We have been analyzing, correcting and implementing the Brazilian philosophy through the BFUT methodology since 1991.

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The BFUT Methodology for players is divided into three departments:

  • The Development Department (6-11 Boys/Girls) through our lesson plans curriculum.
  • The Competitive Department (12-17- Boys/Girls) through our educational tactical software-Futebol Made in Brazil. 
  • The High Performance Department (U17 to U23- Men/Women) Final step to prepare players to accomplish their goals as a professional or college player.

The BFUT Methodology for educators is divided into four levels:

  • Level 4 License  – 40 hours educational credits BFUT Seminar – Introduction level of the Brazilian philosophy, recommended to coaches (educators) from 6 – 11 years old.
  • Level 3 license – 80 hours educational credits – National Symposium – Intermediate level of the Brazilian philosophy recommended to coaches (educators) from U12 to 17 years old  to college level.
  • Level 2 –120 hours educational credits  – BFUT International Symposium – Advanced level of the Brazilian philosophy. Offered in the country that required the program , recommended to coaches (educators) from U15 to professional level.
  • Level 1 – 160 hours educational credits  – BFUT Apprenticeship Program – It is the highest educational level at BFUT Institution. It provides the education and the opportunity to work in Professional or University level. This program is offered only in Brazil.

Since 1991 more than 11,000 educators (coaches) and 70,000 players around the world have been going through the BFUT philosophy and its methodology.

The BFUT portfolio consists of programs for players, coaches (educators) and teams. For each player, coach (educator) or team there is a cycle of education. The cycle of education dictates a vertical integration with an educational progression for each individual.

about bfut

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