The Level 3 Educator Course Soccer – Online is our first step to introduce educators to the Brazilian Philosophy through the BFUT methodology.

Also the Level 3 course can also be offered in conjunction with the following Player’s Programs:

Weekend Clinic – Combination of coaches and players training

Half Day Camp – Only players – the coordinator of the camp will have a full scholarship players program half day camp.

The student (educator) will receive the educational video and the Level 3 manual.

The Level 3 program consists of 40 total hours of education divided into practical (in case of clinic and/or Half Day Camp) and theory (including the pre preparation of the program with the educational manual)

We recommend the BFUT Level 3 course which may be acquired online learning or hosting training sessions at your location:

  • Youth coaching level
  • High school coaches
  • Club coaches
  • Parents interested in supporting their child’s development
  • Any coach interested in understanding the Brazilian Educational Philosophy.


Introduce the Educational Methodology of Brazilian Philosophy minimize costs for the Educators attending the course in online learn at the comfort of your home or wherever you wish be able to pause and rewind the video for the best understanding watch as many times as you want in the period during of 30 days understand the 4 phases of the 12 techniques of the game of the compactness and positioning for U8 – U10 – U12 – U14 and older, and so much more

Students will receive the video to study for 30 days and the official educational manual.

Students will request the final exam (which consists of 15 questions), after they finish the 30 days period of study. If approved they will receive the BFUT Level 3 diploma, and the invitational letter to take the Level 2 Educator.

Basic Itinerary

In the Level 3 License Course you will learn the introduction concepts of:

  • Tactical I – Contrasts of Schools
  • Tactical II – Philosophy of Brazilian Soccer
  • Sports Management I – Lesson Plan
  • Sports Nutrition I
  • Sports Medicine I – Prevention and curative procedures to injuries
  • Sports Psychology I – Educator personalities and goals to be achieved
  • Sports Physiology I – Body coordination and elasticity
  • Sports Physiology II – Fast reaction and Agility
  • Technical Abilities I – Passing and Receiving Four Heights of the Ball
  • Technical Abilities II – Trapping
  • Technical Abilities III – Shooting
  • Technical Abilities IV – Short crossing – Long crossing – Finishing
  • Technical Abilities V – Offensive – Defensive Heading
  • Technical Abilities VI – Anticipation – Dribbling – Feinting
  • Tactical V – 1×1 Defensive and Offensive
  • Tactical VI – The most common game situation 2v1 – Outside penetration
  • Tactical VII – Compactness and introduction to positioning of the players

Participants will receive:

  • The BFUT Level 3 Educational Diploma
  • The Level 3 Full Manual, for consistent research sent by email (Printable)

General Information and Costs

3 options to take the BFUT Level 3 Educator Soccer License:

a. Online Course 

  • Coaches course available – Level 3 -$125
  • Quality and safety facilities at the team’s location
  • Room and board for BFUT’s coaching staff (can be home stay)
  • Daily transportation at the designated location
  • Providing the necessary equipment (balls, flags, ropes, cones, vests, first aid kit, and water cooler)

For the Level 3 online, please click the bottom register now below and enjoy the most educational program online available in the market.