Individual Professional Training - IPT PRO CLUB BRAZIL


The BFUT IPT PRO is the path for any player worldwide to be exposed to a high performance training and game conditioning towards becoming a PRO PLAYER, giving the opportunity of a lifetime to experience the Brazilian professional football environment. This is a 2 to 12 weeks program with high quality training and games. Players will also be exposed to the full social, cultural, and the football professional experience.

The players will stay at the Sao Paulo Youth Pro Teams. The player will be analyzed, training and playing with the BFUT – Brazil High Performance Programs (Preparing players in Brazil to become professional players)

BFUT educator – Jose Thadeu Goncalves will oversee the training by the BFUT staff. Training will be advanced tactical systems, schemes and strategies to give the player the opportunity to advance towards a professional career in soccer.

This Program is recommended for players age 16 to 20 years old – Male

Objectives – The major goals to accomplish in this program:

  • Interact with the BFUT – Brazil Pro staff and the players from the BFUT – Brazil – High Performance and the Sao Paulo FC
  • Receiving an individual private training program of the Brazilian philosophy.
  • Advanced tactical systems, schemes and strategies
  • Quality of players and friendly games.
  • Complete player development to participate in tryouts for high schools, youth pro clubs, pro clubs and/or in high level universities
  • Determine the level of the player and set up a program for his/her full development.
  • Provide the players with specialized practices such as Futsal, weight-lifting, and physical activities.
  • Give the player the opportunity to advance towards a professional career in Football.
  • Assistance in Sports Management – Defining objectives to each player.
  • Orientation in Sports Nutrition.
  • Sports Medicine – Learn how prevent injuries and how to treat it when it’s necessary.
  • Sports Psychology – The balance – Athlete – Human Being and citizen OF the world – educate and promote PEACE.

Basic Itinerary

Daily Schedule:

  • Morning – Physical –Technical
  • Afternoon – Technical – Tactical – Scrimmage
  • Evening – Social and cultural activities

Information and Costs

BFUT’s responsibilities:

Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

  • Transportation to/from Sao Paulo (Guarulhos) International airport
  • Ground transportation to practices, games and activities with the club
  • 8 (Minimum) physical/technical/tactical/scrimmaging practices per week
  • One scrimmage game weekly
  • Supervision provided by the club and the BFUT staff
  • Training kit (shirt, shorts, and socks) during stay at the residence.

*Accommodations include one or two roommates.

**Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be according to BFUT’s balanced nutritional meals

NOT Included in the cost:

  • Airfare to Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Visa
  • Personal expenses


2 Weeks
$2650 + airfare