In order to establish general rules, regulations and a code of conduct at the BFUT Residence , the Director of Education declares the following:


  1. The Resident Athletes at BFUT Residence must keep the bedroom organized. Personal items such clothes, hygiene products and school materials must be kept in an appropriate place or closets.
  2. BFUT Athlete must always present himself dressed in an appropriate manner. The use of pajamas and robes or be in underwear are permitted only inside the bedroom
  3. It is everyone’s responsibilities to maintain all BFUT equipment, furniture and assets in order
  4. The Resident Athletes must make their beds in the morning and maintain them fixed throughout the day
  5. It will not be allowed to any of the athletes:
  • Stay without a shirt
  • Leave dump towels in the bathroom or hanging on the bedroom window or on any other location in the residence. They must be placed at the dryer place at the garage
  • Dirt clothes must be place inside the especial place in each room. Each room must wash them when is a full machine  . Be economic and ecological
  • Loud music
  • Non-resident athletes inside the residence
  • Eat inside the bedroom
  • Stickers on furniture or walls
  • Destroy notices placed inside the residence
  • Throw papers or objects on the floor
  • Damage furniture or equipment belonging to the BFUT
  • Leave for the weekend without proper authorization
  • Have bad attitude that disturb order and good companionship
  • Have pornographic magazines or DVDs
  • Promote disorder and noise
  • Facilitate the entrance of any stranger inside the Residence. Other BFUT players will be allow to stay at the living room , or can stay over night when the Director allowed it
  • Lend a car to any athlete who does not have a valid driver’s license
  • Sell any type of product or merchandise
  • Practical jokes or disrespect
  • Wear hats, caps, bonnets
  • Use of cellular phones during meals
  • Video games will be allowed during the resting time – No more than 60 minutes
  • Use substances that are harmful to the health and to the good sports performance, including alcoholic beverages and cigarettes
  • Go out or arrive after 11 p.m. ( 23:00 hours) – exceptions may apply




  1. The athletes must obey the following schedules:

Breakfast: 30 minutes before the transportation leave to practice, classes or games

Lunch- 12:00-1:00pm ( if any athlete has a conflict of times- the food will be leave on the oven). the athlete must clean the kitchen after eat.

Afternoon meal: Because of the late times for the evening practices , BFUT nutritional recommendation is that fruits, sandwiches and light meals should be intake before leave to the evening sessions

Dinner( Meal after 9:00 pm): It will be available fruits, sandwiches,  white meat, salads



The Residence Clean up schedule

Kitchen – Lunch and Dinner –

Mondays – Gabriel

Tuesdays – Caio

Wednesdays – Juninho

Thursdays – Cesar

Friday – Jesse

Weekends: Thadeu / Edna


Bathroom – Fridays from 2:30 to 3:30 pm

Week 1- Juninho e Jesse

Week 2 – Caio e Gabriel

Week 3 – Jesse e Juninho

Week 4- Caio e Gabriel



Weekly schedule ( Tentative) Training Program:


AM – Gym ( Planet Fit) – Strength Muscles , elasticity  and body coordination

PM – School or Study English or Work at BFUT Office

Evening- 6:00 to 8:00 pm Technical- Tactical – PBState College

or Beach Soccer


AM – From 8:00 to 9:30 am – Technical – Mirasol

PM – School / Study English or French

Evening – 7:00 to 9:00 pm -Location – with the West Palm Elite U19/U20


AM – Gym ( Planet Fit) – Strength Muscles , elasticity  and body coordination

PM – School or Study English or Work at BFUT Office

Evening- 6:00 to 8:00 pm Technical- Tactical – PBState College


AM – From 8:00 to 9:30 am – Technical – Mirasol



PM – School / Study English or French

Evening – 7:00 to 9:00 pm -Location – with the West Palm Elite U19/U20

Friday –  6:00 to 7:00pm- Tactical Strategies – Set Plays

7:00 to 9:00 pm – Tactical – West Palm Beach  Elite


  • M. – 9:00 to10:30- Beach Soccer or Friendly or Tournament
  • M. Tournament or Friendly
  • Evening off


  • Game /  off / Church


  • The athletes who are under medical supervision will follow the same schedule of the other athletes




  1. Athletes must care for all equipment
  2. The uniforms for practices and games are the ones provided by the Club




  1. Observe communications and practices schedules posted on the bulletin board. The times of the Van must be follow
  2. Follow Director of education
  3. It is mandatory the use of shin guards




  1. The BFUT athlete should avoid hostile attitudes towards opponents, referees and the public, having as sole responsibility to dedicate himself to win the game, or to a positive result for which he is being prepared for.
  2. It is up to the athlete, while playing, to avoid any yellow or red cards and to help fellow players when those are nervous or agitated
  3. The athlete must remember that hostile attitudes or irresponsible manners cause losses not only to the infractor as well as to the team as a whole
  4. Shin guards must be worn all times.




  1. The Delegation Members must:
  • Follow the rules in this document, acting in a disciplined manner and respecting the deliberations of the Board of Directors
  • Be aware of the schedules prepared for the delegation
  • Not make any degrading comments towards the countries, towns and hotels in the itinerary
  • The athletes must strictly respect the rules and regulations of the hotels in which are guests, inclusively regarding hours of operation and dress code
  • Be properly dressed during all times and occasions
  • Stay with the Delegation, not separating or leaving it without previous authorization from a superior
  • Bring only the strictly necessary luggage, taking full responsibility for any excess
  • Responsible for any extraordinary expenditures in hotels or similar establishments
  • The room will be assigned to the athlete by a Supervisor /Manager and cannot be switched without an authorization
  • Curfew time must be respected all times; after curfew no one is allowed to stay outside the room in the hallway or in other rooms
  • It is recommended to all Delegation member not to bring as souvenir any hotel towels, ashtrays, or damage any hotel asset.
  • It will not be permitted the return from the trip in third parties vehicles without the previous authorizations from the Board of Directors.




  1. All BFUT Athletes must behave in proper manner during all times: hotels, public places, public transportation in order to promote the Club and himself in an appropriate manner
  2. It is forbidden the use of cellular phones during practices, meetings, in the bus ( before games), in the restaurant during meals, in school and by players at the reserve bench
  3. The athletes should refrain from gambling and bets




  1. The athlete must communicate to the Director of Education any abnormalities regarding his health
  2. The athletes who due to a lesion or sickness can’t practice, should present themselves to the Director of education 30 ( thirty) minutes before the scheduled activity time published on the bulletin board
  3. It is forbidden to self medicate or to take any medication without the previous knowledge and/or authorization of the Director of Education
  4. The Athletes who are injured might stay in the residence for treatment




  1. BFUT will monitor the athletes’ school attendance, schedules and grades.




  1. Athletes obey all rules and regulations mentioned on this document
  2. BFUT will not be responsible for the loss or misplacement of any valuables (jewelry, cash, cameras etc..) that are not cared for during practices and games
  3. BFUT will not be responsible for lost or stolen valuables ( jewelry, cash, cameras, etc..) in any other location; therefore all athletes must keep their belongings in a locker or leave them at the residence
  4. Parents, family and friends will be allowed to watch practices daily
  5. The athlete can be released any time:
  • Due exclusively by the Director of Education
  • For not respecting BFUT RESIDENCE Rules and Regulations
  • For deliberately promoting acts of indiscipline
  • For missing school / classes where he is regularly enrolled
  1. Any damage caused towards the Club assets will result in disciplinary action and the payment of an amount determined by the Director of Education to repair the damages caused.
  2. Any situation not covered in this document will be resolved by the Director of Education