BFUT offers the opportunity for players, coaches, and parents to participate in customize educational tour in Brazil( Sao Paulo and or Rio de Janeiro) , United States( Boca Raton – Fl and or Orlando).

The objective of the BFUT Educational tours is to provide the highest quality of soccer training and competition with the cultural and social experience of each country.

BFUT has been providing tours to soccer clubs, universities, youth state/provincial teams, and even professional teams for over 22 years.

BFUT offers customized tours based on the following criteria:

  • Training (including outdoor, futsal, and beach soccer)
  • Competition (including tournaments, futsal, and beach soccer)
  • Site Seeing and Day Tours – Brazil (including Rio and Sao Paulo sites) USA ( Orlando with the parks)
  • Professional Soccer Games
  • Inner city and charitable foundations
  • Beach outings
  • Other activities


BFUT offers the following tour packages